Listen Up - April 2017

Another eclectic mix for April covering what I listened to last month. Starting off with my favorite John Mayer track off of Wave 2, "Helpless" is a pop-blues-funk reminiscent of "Miss You" by The Rolling Stones. "Love Be With You" is by my Dad, Steven Courtney. It's one of my favorite songs of all time. Nine times out of ten when I see a sunset I sing "Love Be With You" and it reminds me of my childhood. "Slide" by Harris, Ocean and Migos is the song that I've been playing on repeat. I'm excited to see how parties react to it this year. Further down the mix is a tune called "Bambi" by Jidenna, the same guy that did "Classic Man". Lastly, a few days ago The Gorillaz put out a few new tracks and I've been bumping to "Saturnz Barz". Hope you like these songs as much as I do and be sure to follow me on Spotify and Instagram @bringonthebash.