Listen Up - July 2017

Kicking off this month's playlist is one of my favorite songs by The Police! I LOVE the baseline to "Spirits In The Material World."  I can never have enough of David Bowie and I rediscovered "Fame" this last month. "Shawty Is Da Sh*!" was in a mix by Four Color Zack that Kelsey and I were listening to. Kelsey knew all of the words. "Yeah Right" by Vince Staples is my hip hop song of the month. I don't know much about him but when I first heard the song I knew that the beat was produced by Flume or Cloud 9. It was Flume. Then the surprise verse from Kendrick Lamar. "Yeah Right" is like a hip hop dream for me.... albeit Vince Staples. I hope you enjoy the majority of oldies that the playlist is composed of this month! Let me know which song is your favorite and be sure to follow me on Spotify to creep on what I'm listening to everyday.