How much input do we have for the music that is played?

Full control! If you would like to pick out every single song during the day, be our guest. However, most couples don't wont to coordinate 5+ hours of music so if you gives us an idea of what you like, we can fill in the rest.

Why don't you play full songs during the dance party?

Grandmaster Flash, one of the forefather's of DJ'ing put it best, "In the early days, a DJ use to play a record from start to finish. And which, like you know, I felt that it was kind of boring to look at or even to listen to. So what I would do is pick the most climatic part or the funkiest or strongest part of the record and play that in sync. I don't think it's totally fair to start the record from the beginning and then wait for it to end and mix the next record in. You're not doing no work. If you're gonna do work, do work."

Do you travel?

With pleasure! Depending on your location, we might need one or two nights accommodations and reimbursement for travel. We are based out of Lancaster, PA and if driving, calculate milage using Google Maps.

Are you emcees?

Absolutely! We're all very comfortable on the microphone having been in theater, bands and other live productions, we're use to talking in front of large groups. We'll say what needs to be said and leave the bad jokes for your uncle.