Bring On The Bash, Sparrow + Lace, K+A Films, Pete Design Co., Reology and Photóle have united together to throw the dopest party of 2019!

Yep! We are actually giving away a totally free party! It can be for any reason or no reason at all! But it can't be for a wedding... Sorry, not sorry!

Birthday. Yes!
Reunion. Yes!
Charitable Fundraiser. Yes!
Company shindig. Yes!
Bridal Shower. Yes!
Bachelor Party. Yes!
Bachelorette Party. Yes!
Kickstarter Launch. Yes!
Retirement. Yes!
Farewell. Yes!
Engagement. Yes!
Album Launch. Yes!
No particular reason. Yes!

Wedding. Nope.

Will there be dancing? Oh heck yes! You'll have Bring On The Bash’s creator, Taylor Courtney, mixing your party. (He's opened for Earth, Wind and Fire!)

How will my friends know the sweet deets of my party? Well be thankful that owner of Pete Design Co., Pete, is on the team. Pete will work with you to create an original invite to be sent out to your guests.

I don't want to clean my house for a party. No need to worry, it won't be at your house! Reology in downtown Lancaster is giving their space as part of the prize. So relax and leave your dirty laundry on the floor.

How can I enjoy and remember such an extravaganza? Luckily, you'll have three incredible creatives capturing your event. Kent from K+A Films will be shooting a highlight video while Hannah, from Sparrow and Lace, roams with a camera, capturing images. All while your guests will wander into Photolé's printing photo booth!

Giveaway Rundown

1. Fill out the contact form below.

2. Be selected to compete for the grand prize!

3. Win the final round by having the most votes.

4. Put on your dancing shoes and party!

So here is your chance to shine! Below is a contact form with only a few questions. Tell us about your celebration. What's the purpose of this get down? Why should you be the ultimate victor? Be creative in expressing your awesomeness and take your time because you only get one shot to convince us! Write a compelling story, create a video or social media post expressing your desire to win! Chose the method which works best for you. Good luck!

Entry closed

Entries closed on January 10th.