We are not "Wedding DJs".

We are DJs who do weddings. 

Now obviously we’re wedding DJs as our team is approaching 275 completed weddings. But to us, the mental distinction that “we are DJs who do weddings” is very important and it means a number of things. It means that we are going to play music that you two love and want to hear! We’re not there to give a musical education on what “cool” music you've never heard before. And we don’t play the same songs at every wedding. Not even close.

But we also don’t play The Chicken Dance, crappy pop and other stereotyped “wedding music”.

Together we will build a musical experience that is exclusive and represents your love. Then we'll end the night with a bonkers dance party that will have your guests talking for years.





“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” I didn’t say that. Martha Graham did. But I agree wholeheartedly. I’ll provide the tunes, you provide the moves.




-Tell sex jokes
-Talk all night
-Yell. at any point



Bring On The Bash is not a stockpile of faceless DJs. Your celebration is personal to you, and we respect that. We’re a team that will be with you from the first email to the last dance.




Taylor's Base Rate - $1175

Sean & Joel's Base Rate - $850

Sound rentals are additional and priced a la carte. Does your venue have a sound system? Some do, some don't. A lot of DJ companies charge you the same price either way, but we believe that if your venue has a sound system you should pay less for your DJ. As such, we have separated that cost out. 

Ceremony: $150 // Cocktail: $75 // Reception: $225

*Base Rates include up to seven hours of live coverage


Emphasize your personal style by accenting your venue with uplights.  We'll help you create a color scheme to enhance the atmosphere and set the mood for your big day!


Turn your dance party into the set of Saturday Night Fever with a blend of lights and patterns. You and your guests will get down with a painted glow that will illuminate the dance floor and your moves.

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Our expectations were blown out of the water! He played nonstop music, which our guests commented that they loved.
— Emily
We had such a wonderful experience with Joel as our DJ. He had the perfect mix of songs and everyone was on the dance floor. We loved his energy, the music and how much fun he made the whole event! Thank you!
— Emily T.
So if you want a baller party with unique and original music mixes that has the shyest dancers shakin’ it in the middle of the dance floor, then get into this Bring On The Bash situation. We seriously couldn’t have imagined a better night!
— Maria
Bring On The Bash kept the party going all night. Joel kept the music up going and the dance floor was never empty. So many guests commented about how they loved the mix of music!
— Emily G.
Taylor nailed it!!! Multiple people commented that they’ve never seen a dance floor that full - and it stayed that way the entire night! Taylor did an amazing job reading the crowd and playing the perfect blend of music we suggested in our questionnaire, while giving it his own spin at the same time. He’s also extremely personable, upbeat, and fun. You will not regret booking Taylor. We could not be happier with our choice and cannot thank you enough!
— Kristina
Sean Otto was our DJ and he did an awesome job! I was really intent on having good music at our wedding. Sean stuck to my playlist and read the crowd well and he never missed a beat (ha). He didn’t even mess up anyone’s names, and we had quite a few tough ones! I loved Sean’s attitude and enthusiasm and especially his responsiveness to my on-the-spot requests. This was my ideal DJ experience and he totally delivered. Thank you, Sean!
— Molly C.
Taylor is a fantastic DJ! I am talking a serious dance party! Many of our guests claimed that it was the best dance party they have experienced because there were people dancing LITERALLY THE WHOLE TIME, from start to finish of the dance floor being open. Young folks and old folks- everyone was grooving.
— Dylan
We’re so happy we found Sean and Bring On The Bash! Our guests (of all ages) could not stop raving about the music
— Diana
We had Taylor as our DJ for our wedding and he was THE BEST! We had a mixed crowd at our wedding of dancers and non-dancers and everyone was having a blast.
— Annie
TAYLOR IS AMAZING! Hands down, one of my favorite parts of my wedding was Taylor being my DJ. My guests danced the whole night as Taylor felt the vibe of the crowd
— Karlee